1st Birthday Wishes






1. A very happy birthday to the sweetest baby,
The precious gift ever sent by God to us.          
Have a wonderful first birthday dear!


2. Happy 1st Birthday to cutie pie,
The baby with the contagious smile.         
May the joy and happiness surround you forever my dear.


3. Hey baby!! You are 1 year old,
The day you were born is here.          
Everyone nearby you wants to cuddle and pamper you.
Many happy returns of the day.


4. Just a year ago, God sent an angel on this beautiful day,
It seems you will enjoy every moment of this first birthday.          
Enjoy the first bite of cake and the first candle on cake.


5. Happy Birthday to a year old baby,
Many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish          
in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.


6. I wish you grow smart , tough and wise,
But the same innoncence in your eyes          
Happy first birthday baby. .


7. Happy 1st Birthday to the Darling Baby ,
With Chubby Cheeks, Dimple Chin n Rosy Lips.          


8. A tiny bundle filled with love and happiness fell from the heaven a year ago.
We are so excited you are turning 1 today.          
Have lots of fun on this day.


9. One little wish to make, One candle on cake,
Now is the time to rattle n roll, Today is the bestest day of the year as u were born.          


10. The most adorable and special person is turning one today.
May your life be filled with endless joy and countless happiness.          




1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy


1. It's not easy to make a birthday wish for a year old baby
who don't know to read n write but a warm hug and loads of love n kisses     
make the baby feel so loving on this special day.
Wishing you a very happy 1st birthday dear.


2. Happy Birthday to the baby who looks no less than an angel,
I wish you live happy n healthy a hundred years.


3. Happy birthday to the Prince charming,
May you live a glorious life ahead.


4. On your first birthday , I congratulate you,
As your parents tolerated you and also you tolerated them for one whole year.          
iHave as much as fun you can have on your 1st birthday,
Because people will not fuss over you when you are two.


5. With your unlimted sweetness and cuteness,
You have the power to do anything you want to do without anybody's permission.          
Happy 1st birthday to the most small and powerful boy of the family.



1st Birthday Wishes for Son:


1. Twists and turns, ups and downs,
Your little & cheerful smile will wipe off our frowns,          
hank you almighty for this most beautiful gift of Life.
Happy 1st birthday to my lovable son.


2. Son, you are small enough to fit in my arms,
But the amount of happiness you gave me is not larger than life itself.          
Happy First Birthday My Son!!


3. Hey My Sunny Boy! You are a year old today,
No matter how many years old you become over the years          
But you will always be my little champ who took his first step of life holding my hand.




1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl


1. Happy Birthday to the Gorgeous Girl I ever knew,
May Lord shower lots of blessings and happiness to you.


2. On this very special day, I pray to God to shower you,
With lots of joy and happiness, health and prosperity,          
Happy 1st Birthday to the cute little angel.


3. Smile is an arc that sets all things straight.
May your sweet smile spread joy and happiness to every person in your life.          
Happy birthday to the most Sweetest Baby.


4. There's nothing more wonderful felling than celebrating an angel's birthday.
And that angel is you dear baby.          
Have a joyful birthday and a stunning year ahead.


5. Having a baby girl means seeing rainbows everyday,
Occasions of hurrays, thousands reasons to laugh and smile.          
Happy birthday to the loveliest girl!! .



1st Birthday Wishes for Daughter:


1. Happy Birthday my Sweet baby,
You are Love of my Life          
Precious Gift of my Life,
Joy in my Soul.
You make my Life so Bright n Beautiful.


2. It's a beautiful feeling to watch you grow up day by day.
I wish you'll spend your life with a very special n caring person just like your parents     
Happy 1st birthday My Princess.


3. We were so blessed at the moment a little miracle which happened a year ago.
This miracle is called YOU.          
Happy birthday and blessings to our Beautiful Daughter.








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