2nd Birthday Wishes






1. You are not just two years old. You are so cute, too sweet and having too much fun.
Wish you a very happy 2nd Birthday. Thank you very much for being in our life.          


2. Twenty four months ago, the whole world greeted you with joy and happiness.         
Today we feel more happy,overjoyed and full of life to see your cute and sweet face..
Happy 2nd birthday my little angel.


3. You may be little in size but you are sharing happiness and cheerfulness to everyone around you and all feel delighted with you. Wishing you very happy 2nd birthday.


4. You are naughty as ever,you are the twinkle of everyone's eye,
You are the special one who make us smile so easily and we love you so much.
Happy 2nd birthday.


5. We have loved watching you grow in the first two years of your life.
You are a fast learner and seem to be curious for big things in life. GOD bless you.          
Wishing you a very happy 2nd birthday.


6. In the whole world your smile is the most adorable thing and
you are the most wonderful for us because you are the GOD's gift to us.        
Happy 2nd birthday my little one.


7. May everyday bring something new and exciting for you,
May you enjoy every moment of your life may this birthday become as amazing as you.          
May GOD fullfil all your desires and fill your heart with joy and happiness.
Happy 2nd birthday.


8. A tiny bundle filled with love and happiness fell from the heaven a year ago.
We are so excited you are turning 1 today. Have lots of fun on this day.


9. We believe GOD truly loved us a lot when he gifted us with you,
you are the most valuable and beautiful gift in our life.
We love you a lot. On your 2nd birthday,
We wish that GOD blesses you abundantly with more love and joy.


10. Your beauty is like moon, your innocence is like an angel,
You, my child, certainly has been sent from Heaven to make our life complete and joyful.
Very very Happy 2nd birthday.




2nd Birthday Wishes for Son


1. You can melt hearts and sprinkle the fountains of love and joy
with your adorable 2 year old smile. Happy 2nd birthday, my little angel.


2. You make us so happy and joyful that we forget all the problems of our life.
You are the brightest star of our life. Happy 2nd birthday, Oh, our little angel!


3. You are getting bigger every moment I see you.
Gradually,You are turning into little man.
Wishing you a very Happy 2nd birthday.





2nd Birthday Wishes for Daughter


1. You are little angel in my life and no matter how many years pass,
You will always be my sweet little angel. May you have a great and rocking life ahead.
Wishing you a very Happy 2nd birthday.


2. On your this special day,may you receive a lots of cakes, chocolates, toys and ice creams.
May GOD bless you with a lots of love, happiness and blessings.          
Wishing you a very Happy 2nd birthday.


3. You are a naughty little angel but all that is forgotten because,
You are too cute and have bought much joy and happiness in the lives of everyone around you. Wishing you a very Happy 2nd birthday.








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2nd Birthday Wishes