Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend






1. "Made for each other"
This saying is scripted for you and me.
Being apart, both of us are incomplete
Happy Birthday My Dear Love.


2. Before you get busy in reading the birthday messages,
I want you cover you with birthday kisses .
Happy Birthday My Love.


3. A very tight and warm birthday hug
To the person I love the most
Happy Birthday lovey dovey.


4. Naughty kisses, Sizzling Hugs,
Cute cuddles, Surprise Gifts
All this listed for your special day
Happy Birthday.


5. Your birthday is not less than an occasion to me.
Let me shower birthday kisses on this day.
Happy Birthday .


6. You are the perfect guy who knows
How to take care and make me smile
Anytime Anywhere
Thanks for being there. Happy Birthday.


7. Sweetheart, I am not with you on this day
But my love , true wishes are always with you.
Wish you lots of joy and happiness.
Have a great birthday.


8. Your birthday gift is my True love for you.
You deserve the best things from all over.
Happy Birthday My Love Life.


9. A romantic birthday is planned for you.
Venue is In my arms,
Gift is Loads of hugs and kisses
Waiting for you my sweetheart.


10. If dew drops are kiss, I send you rain
If hugs are petals, I send you bouquet of flowers
If love is a person, I wish to come to you.
Happy Birthday.




Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend


1. My heart doesn't know whether to love you or not, But I still do..
On you birthday I don't know whether to wish you or not,
But still I want to wish you A very Happy Birthday.


2. On this special day, I want to gift you
Something that I had not been gifted to anyone.
It is the gift of Forgiveness. Happy Birthday.


3. Break up is not end of our relation.
It is the sign of new friendship.
More than being exes, we go much beyond as friends forever.


4. We may not share that warmth in our relation,
We may not see Eye to Eye again,
But My care for you will remain forever.
Happy Birthday dear.








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 Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend