Birthday wishes for Mother-in-law






1. Mother in law, I think you would agree on the fact that every good kid comes from a good mother. You are wonderful Mother in Law.


2. Mother in law with a beautiful heart helps a daughter in law to be perfect one.
Thank you Mom in Law. Happy Birthday


3. Mom in Law , your care and concerns is so touching at times.
I can't exhibit you how much i care and respect you.
Happy Birthday to you.


4. Inspite of giving gift to you on your birthday, I'm very thankful to you for giving me
the best gift ever - The Man that I always dreamt of, Happy Birthday Mother-in-law.


5. Mom in Law , I know you are always there to help me whenever I m in pain and
thanks for making me comfortable needed at times. Wish you a very Happy Birthday


6. Despite random arguments, mis-understandings, different opinions,
I wanna confess today that you are so wonderful and exceptional.
Happy Birthday Dear Mother-in-law.


7. You are my Second Mother. You are the Mom In Law that every daughter in law will desire.


8. Mom in Law , You are fabulous. Thank you for raising the love of my Life. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!


9. I am so blessed to be your daughter in law. You raised my dream man who is proud
to be your son and I am so lucky to be his wife. Happy Birthday


10. It's such a nice feeling when your mother in law takes sides of daughter in law in squabbles with her own daughter. Happy Birthday






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birthday wishes for mother in law