Funny Birthday Wishes






1. Forgot about the what has happened in the past, you cannot change it.,
Forget about what will happen in coming future, you cannot predict it.         
Forget about what is going to happen in present, I did not get you one!


2. Do you think the age is a Funny thing and you can ignore it?
Wait till you have a look a yourself in the mirror..          
Happy Birthday!


3. Thank for the Birthday Wishes from each of you who have noticed
my name appearing today in the upper right side corner of your facebook wall.


4. I just thought to wish you an extremely early happy birthday,
So that I can continue to think about myself!


5. So far, this is the oldest you have ever been..


6. It is been proven scientifically that people who celebrate more birthdays live longer.


7. When the candles cost you more than the cake,
Understand that you are actually getting old.          
Happy Birthday!


8. I have to give you some wisdom quotes for your birthday,
"Smile while you still have teeth".         
Happy Birthday!


9. Please do not complain about your increasing age,
I know truth hurts but it shall set you free,          
So break free my dear friend, Happy Birthday to you!


10. Do not let your old age let you down because it is too hard to take the back up!




Funny Birthday Wishes for Men


1. Do you remember how much excited you were
when you were celebrating your 5th Birthday!
You must be ten times that of that now! Happy Birthday!!          


2. Heartily Wishes to a young man who has got no idea for how to dress for the football.


3. Men are like the Red Wine, Some turn up to Vinegar,
But the rest improve with the age.          
Happy Birthday.


4. Here comes a fantastic birthday!
May it be filled with your friends, family, booze and lot of awesome boners.


5. "The first sign of knowing that you are getting matured is,
the discover that the knob of volume also turns towards left."



Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband:


1. Happy Birthday Hubby!
For some reason when I shop for your birthday,
I actually end up finding a lots of presents for myself          
I must say your birthdays are truly expensive, but you are worth it!


2. If anyone comes up with an idea to call you an old man ,
then throw him your teeth and hit him hard with your stick, Happy Birthday Husband!


3. My Birthday Wishes for you are like our true love and marriage,
Slow but Rock Steady, Happy Belated Birthday!




Funny Birthday Wishes for Women


1. As you are getting older three things are bound to happen,
the first is that your memory fades, and I cannot remember the other two of them!


2. Just like a fine wine we get better with our age..
or is it rather, we feel better about our age only with lots of wine?


3. People say that all you need is LOVE,
Then what do I do with all these birthday gifts and presents..


4. Good News for Women!
I heard that fifty is the new 30!          
Oh, just wait a minute - I think what I actually heard is,
"Fifty is thirty plus twenty years", Oh! by the way wish you a happy birthday!


5. Remember that you can never be too old to learn stupid things in your life.. Enjoy yet another year of Learning, Happy Birthday Women.



Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife:


1. Age does not make you forgetful
But having the way for too many stupid things to remember actually makes you forgetful.


2. Hey! As is is your Birthday today,
I promise to take over all the household work for the day! Happy Birthday Wife!!


3. Not just a wonderful wife,
you are also my best friend and I wish you get older with you throughout my life.
Happy Birthday to my dear Wife.








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