Inspirational Birthday Wishes






1. And in the end it is not the number of years in your life that counts,
What counts is the life you have enjoyed in these years, Happy Birthday!


2. Yesterday was a beautiful reflection, today is the new beginning,
Tomorrow is the endless possibility, Happy Birthday!


3. Age is just a case of mind over matter.
If you do not mind it, it should not matter.


4. Your life is nothing but a gift from the creator of the world.
Your return gift to the creator is actually what you do with your life.


5. We do not turn older with years but newer day by day.


6. Today are celebrating your Birthday and I see you the oldest ever and the youngest you shall ever be.


7. You are not too old to set yet another destiny or dream a new dream.


8. Awesome, sensational and inspirational and lots of fun,
you have always lived life this way,         
to this very day wish that never changes as our turn your life pages.. Happy Birthday.


9. Happy Birthday! Wish you always pirouette through life with grace and elegance.


10. For the year that passed belongs to the language of last year and the coming year words await another's voice.




Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Friends


1. A friends is the one who understands who you are,
knows where you have been and is ready to accept what you have turned and yet gently allows to to grow.


2. You are not getting older but actually increasing in value.


3. Please count your life by the smiles and not tears likewise,
Count how old you are by the number of your valuable friends not by years.


4. Here comes a fantastic birthday!
May it be filled with your friends, family, booze and lot of awesome boners.


5. The word FRIEND is not sufficient to fully express how I feel about you.
For me, you are the biggest source of happiness, inspiration and power, Thank you. Happy Birthday!








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Inspirational Birthday Wishes